Oil & Gas

The new way of doing field work

Main Features

  • Field work offline - no internet required
  • Mapping, collect data rich points, lines and polygons
  • Real-time sync capability when internet available
  • Geo-tagged photo with bearing
  • Custom Data Collection Forms
  • Auto Track Mode in Mapping
  • Offline Maps: Streetmap / topo or imagery base map
  • Create / download Offline Maps directly from your device
  • Manage your daily work
  • Support Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Push Notification to your devices
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Use Cases

  • Aboveground Piping Atmospheric Corrosion Evaluation
  • SPCC / AST Monthly Inspection
  • Bell Hole Inspection Report Pipe & Coating
  • Spill / Release Report
  • Well Inspection
  • GHG
  • Airborne Fire Support
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Urban planning
  • Archaeological Site
  • Streamside Biosurvey
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Online Management

keep everything organize, and it doesn’t depend on where you or your team members are
  •   Dashboard
  •   Daily Work Logs
  •   Users / Projects Setting
  •   Field Trip Planning
  •   Task Management
  •   Interface to GIS
  •   Customize Data Collection Form

The ANDMAP System

is a custom configured "turn-key" solution
for your company's Mobile Data Collection, Mapping and Project Management.

$99 / month

phone : 1(949) 667-3599
e-mail : info@andmap.co
ANDMAP provides mapping and data collection solutions to help you improve data quality and provide more complete data.

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